Leslie Browder, PhD has helped many discover hidden talents, untapped potential and harmful blockages that have prevented them from achieving success in their lives. His work is guided by one paramount statement: "Successful relationships are not based on compatibility, but nutured in understanding." Our alignment and consciousness are the keys which unlock our gateway to fulfillment.

Are you ready to discover a more conscious you? LET'S BEGIN.

en·hance·ment -- 1. an increase or improvement in quality, value, or extent.

Leslie Browder is a realist and humanitarian. His ideas, concepts and thoughts of empowerment will change the way you see your life. He has one professional goal: to show individuals how to enjoy a more effective living experience in all facets of their lives. Leslie is the creator of The Seven Thoughts: A Guide to Empowerment, Innate Dynamics and The Continuum of Self-Enhancement.

Through his expansive enhancement programs, Leslie has helped many people connect with themselves by realigning their lives to achieve optimal success. By identifying “who they really are” and establishing a plan of action based on that reality, these individuals were able to set realistic goals, manage their expectations, limit the amount pressure forced upon them by others, re-evaluate their relationships to determine which proved beneficial and ultimately began to enjoy their lives based on the realignment process.

Leslie is proficient at creating avenues for enlightenment. Based on the transformational programs that he has created, this process of growth and development can be infused into the lives of everyone who has a willingness to learn with an open mind.

For over 15 years, Leslie Browder has been assisting individuals with transcending challenges that attempt to suppress their innate qualities and hold them hostage to mundane living. Leslie is able to identify key characteristics known only by the individual themselves. These characteristics include core feeling such as desires, relationship challenges, strengths and weaknesses that prevent effective living.


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Participate in your personal enhancement. Discover how you can orchestrate your own outcomes with an inner-active and inter-active approach to development.

I Am Possible:

Discover the greatness within

Be Honest:

You are who you are


The art of personal discovery


Get organized

Grow With the Flow:

Adapt to change in a changing world

Transcend Mediocrity and Aspire to Greatness:

You have the power to overcome

Paradigm Self:

Look at yourself differently

Discover the possibilities of enhancement and empowerment when you connect with Leslie Browder.

Leslie’s reputation as a counselor is built on his ability to navigate through difficult topics with sincere honesty, compassion, and humor. He extremely gifted at motivating people to transcend mediocrity and aspire to greatness.

Leslie establishes environments that induce shifts in thinking and raises awareness that awakens consciousness and causes you to see more clearly the obstacles that may prevent success and the paths that will lead you to success.

Whatever the occasion, Leslie will develop material that helps your participants increase their effectiveness, professionally and personally.

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     5     Your Legal Information (if court ordered)

     6     Type of class (DUI, Alcohol, Drug, Anger, Theft, Domestic Violence, etc...)

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